Afghan pickles recipe ( vegetables mix pickles)

Afghan pickles recipe ( vegetables mix pickles) How to make Afghan pickles: Ingredients : 4 eggplants 4 carrots 4 green chili pepper 3 Turnip 9 garlic cloves water vinegar salt to taste 1 and 1/2 tablespoon red chili (How to make green chili : Ingredients : 5 green chilies 9 garlic cloves salt to taste Instructions : In food processor add green chilies, garlic , and salt . Blend well for about 1 minute. Use the green chilies to make pickles and you can reserve it in airtight container in fridge.) Directions : Wash clean and rinse the vegetables Cut the eggplants and leave the skin . Peel and cut the carrots. Peel and cut turnip. Boil each veggies in water until they become tender . Let them cool in Large bowl. In sterilize jar place the veggies. Add the green paste made of green chili , garlic and some salt . I do have some red chili paste i use it too. Add the vinegar and water . Mix well , cover and keep it in fridge . Let it set for 1 week and the Afghan pickles are ready to use Credit To :


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