Do you have Bad Breath?

Smooth and white teeth, but gums are red and inflamed, certainly not eye teeth not only finds even the landscape too bad. When the house is the ruins of the Christmas-tree appearance, nothing happens. Imagine the lips and healthy teeth and gums look beautiful, but the color and not coordinated with them. Dark or white gums and colorless delight every smile you are. It helps you beautiful and healthy gums and, of course, have a laugh more beautiful than ever.

Your gums are brown?

Many people think that if their gums if not, is this a sign of disease. This thinking is partly true, but it should also be borne in mind that depending on race and skin color is the color of the gums. For example, black people or people whose faces are dark because of a pigment called melanin in their gums are brown. It changes color when it is natural for people that uniform, symmetrical, well-defined and is released from childhood in his mouth brown color to be seen. Otherwise, change the color of tobacco use, including smoking affects the gums and can exacerbate problems with the gums.
What is the origin of bad breath?

The most common cause of bad breath, tooth decay or gum is. However, in some cases the odor alone is not a disease but a symptom of various diseases, such as large tonsils, sinuses and throat diseases, lung abscess, digestive disorders, diabetes, etc. can be. To fix the cause of bad breath identified. By eliminating these factors and correct existing anomalies and remove the cause, bad smell disappears. Those who have diabetes in their mouth that smells like acetone. In this case, bad breath by local conditions such as poor oral hygiene and infection of the gums (gingivitis) caused chronic.Especially in gingivitis and chronic if accompanied by bleeding of the gums may cause a stench and hateful, especially in the morning because often smells bad due to topical agents, so eliminating these factors and correct the abnormalities in the mouth first step in treatment. Oral hygiene include brushing the teeth, gums, tongue and flossing at reducing halitosis of oral origin is very effective. Dmkrdh it with cinnamon or fennel seeds can be effective in reducing bad breath, but this treatment is temporary and must be the root cause.

Why are swollen?

A lot of people who do not pay attention to their oral health should also be consequences. Swelling and redness of the gums may be caused by improper use of brushing and flossing. So it is better to massage the gums electric toothbrushes that use. This leads to blood flow in the gums are brushed. You should also brush three times a day and it is better to use antibacterial toothpaste. Smoking, family history of gum disease, and stress. . . Can also be effective in causing such a problem. More women than men also prone to gum inflammation. In the menstrual cycle, usually slightly swollen gums, tender and puffy come. The problems also threaten pregnant women. To reduce gingivitis can temporarily use of chamomile tea.

Blood comes out of your gums?

There are different causes of bleeding that should be taken seriously bloodshed. Sometimes due to incorrect brushing the gums bleed when brushing is the only solution proper training, but sometimes the bleeding of gum disease. Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial infection of the gums and bone that support the teeth, damage. The disease is bacterial plaque accumulation on tooth surfaces caused should mention that if left untreated, a person may lose his teeth. For this reason, it is recommended not only the teeth but also the spaces between teeth and below the gum line clean up. However, if you have bleeding gums is necessary to meet the dentist. With the start of the season strawberries can help the vitamin C in your gums Keep from any disease.

What should be coloured gums?

If the gums are pink and looks like orange peel dimples is small, we can congratulate you because you have healthy gums. Another thing to note is probing. The groove between the gum and the tooth and the maximum depth is about two to three mm.

What are the signs of gum white?

Seeing white gums that can be said is that your first guess anemia. If the test result, anemia is confirmed you do not need to do anything special, just under the expert with the necessary supplements to treat anemia. The treatment of anemia color of your gums changes from white to pink, as long as it does not threaten your gums is another problem.

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