five features should not be ignored.

What does Ambassador  mean ?

The most excellent ambassador for diplomacy overseas governments. Ambassador means the Prophet and the actor will of a nation to the nation or the international community through international organizations. Ambassador politician stirring the physical and intellectual access to strategic institutions, policy makers and representatives of Chambers of thought in the host state and governments of the world in the geography of the host government.

1 – High capacity in the analysis of the situation .
2 – Is the operator. His government could soon benefit parable of the greatest opportunities in the negotiations and the international community.
3 – Strength training is an active diplomacy. In the sense that highlight its political power in national economic development. Therefore, national interests and national security in international relations should be displayed.
4 – Have a high capacity in communication. Can speak international languages have to be drawn lobbyists.
5 – Professional and academic qualifications to be able to benefit from peer and its partners, professional speaking and specialized application to manage.

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