How to Remove Blackheads From Nose

Home-made Mask

Get rid of pimples or black beans to the skin, especially on the nose do not have to spend exorbitant fees.You can simply magical with this mask and with patience and perseverance to get rid of the pimples.The follicles that are pimples, pores are too open.The pores are filled with fat and dead skin cells, resulting in a chemical reaction . The oxidation of melanin in the skin leading. To make the mask material need.

Fresh lemon : 3 drops
white part of egg : 1 Egg 

First to soften blackheads, as we steamed. Boil a pot of water in such a way that . Take a towel over the head, bent over a pot-term stay that way. Eggs and lemon juice mix.Blackheads are heading to the growth of our paper. 20 min stays that way,When you wash your face with a gentle scrub sharp black points are soft. We use this mask 2 times a week. Two weeks skin is shiny and blackheads.

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