Okra Great choice for diabetics

Okra is rich in valuable nutrients such as vitamins A, C and Group B, including folic acid, 5B, 2B, 6B and elements such as manganese,Cobalt, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, fibre and slime so many positive effects on human health.It is also economically cheaper and available to everyone.

Raw okra nutritional value per 100g:
Calories = 33 grams / water = 9/88 g / protein = 2 g / fat = 2/0 g
7 g carbohydrate =
Fiber = 2.3 g / gram sugar = 5/1

Great choice for diabetics (those with diabetes)!
Fiber found in okra helps to keep blood sugar levels. It also reduces sugar absorption rate,So they are very useful for diabetics to know okra. In fact, okra upper skin, blood sugar has stabilized And keep it in a non-absorbed in the gut.

People with diabetes can from the middle of the night a half okra and put the cherry juice,Then the solution in the refrigerator and eat the morning fasting. If you wait a week it will be miraculous effect and you will be surprised.

Before taking okra read:
1. Fresh okra should be used.
2. Bamyhhayy preferably of small size and convenient to use.

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