The benefits of exercise with empty stomach

Recently in the New York Times published an article that shows that eating before exercise does not affect performance. The author noted that cyclists before you eat sugary drinks can have 20 minutes of intense exercise without any problems. Research has also shown that eating carbohydrates before exercise easily digestible and will enable you to exercise longer. What is reality? Should I eat before exercise? Or exercise on an empty stomach is useful? Join us to find the answers.

When you exercise on an empty stomach your body is forced to burn fat you basically. The process by the sympathetic nervous system, the control system is activated by exercise and food shortages. Combine an empty stomach and exercise maximum impact on cellular factors and catalysts, which are the breakdown of fat and glycogen for energy, puts it. But a study has shown that eating before exercise leads to weight loss and body fat, while eating only simple exercises to reduce weight.
Exercising on an empty stomach in the efficiency of oxidative stress is also effective. Oxidative stress causes the muscles to become increasingly flexible, increased muscle capacity and fatigue resistance force produced in the muscles. Exercise also fights hunger with the main causes of aging muscle.
Surprisingly, the combination led to the creation of a mechanism that the brain and muscle tissue is recycled. This exercise can stimulate the growth factor genes. This means that exercising on an empty stomach to the brain, nerves and muscle fibbers helps to stay young. In general, the combination of exercise and a hunger for something beyond the body burn fat and lose weight.

Exercise before breakfast
Empty stomach, a condition that occurs when a person at least 16 to 18 hours do not. So if you want during the day to this style of exercise should be from 11 am to 7 pm eaten this means practically have breakfast, lunch and dinner remove it is impossible to implement this method is the best time is before breakfast.

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