Aryana Sayeed Concert in Paris and the concerns inside Afghanistan

Aryana Sayeed’s biggest art is that she knows how to create excitement during her concerts around stage and also outside the stage even from Paris to Kabul. The main difference is that around the Stage it is always enthusiasm and joy, but the joy out of stage miles away in Kabul is about swearing and insulting nonsense. Cries against Aryana Sayeed’s movements and wearing clothes which has its high peak of hypocrisy. If Aryana Sayeed holds concerts and performances in Europe and America, why are our bodies burning here in Afghanistan i don’t know why ? Aryana Sayeed’s recent dance moves are not related to us and neither we are allowed send her offensive swear words this is very illogical. It is her job and businesses to entertain her fans. Only difference is that she is singing but there are people who have started businesses with our blood Some have Business with smuggling precious stones. Some of them M a f i a s land grabbers some are G u n smugglers. Aryana Sayeed doesn’t k i l l people, neither she is corrupted like the government employees. She isn’t involved in any kind of traffic-king drugs. She hasn’t government funds to her personal accounts in Dubai, Europe, and America. For her personal interests she never created conflicts amongst the people. She never made harmless people homeless She is just a singer. A singer that trying to create hope. In hopes of creating a society in which a person does not have anything to lose. Now you do not need to bring pressure on the veins in your neck. Chill live your life let others live their life.

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