Aryana Sayeed’s new message

Aryana Sayeed’s new message to those who says music is prohibited. She says Music is just to entertain people music is all about joy and fun. I m entertaining people I don’t betray them or loot them. Music brings smile and joys to faces of people. Aryana Says my message to all those trying to abuse me, if you really have heart ask your self, what have you done for humanity and your religion ? There are a lot of other big issues going on in our country, which is completely against humanity and against Islam. She says those who are against me I ask you go and save those kids who are the targets of Warlord commanders and use them as a s e x u a l object, you people should better stop BACHE BAZI and all those Bacha Bazigars. We should stop all those people who cut their wife nose and or torture and k i l l  them, as these things are very bigger issues so my haters should go and stop this bad cultures. Once again music entertainment has no bad impacts on people it brings happiness, hopes, enjoyments.
Aryanas Interview with the BBC Farsi she adds that some men are worried about my clothes as they feel i have a big positive effect on their daily basis life in their society or their system, they think that they might lose their servants, as most of the Afghan women inside Afghanistan lives like a servant with their families, she also says it is a petty why don’t some people don’t get it that every one has their own right, what every they want to wear it is a matter of personal choice, no other one should be allowed to talk about others way of wearing clothes. And unfortunately there are very fewer people inside our society who understands the rests are inept

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