Daikundi – facts and infos on Daikundi – forgotten province

This is the main small market of Nilli district as capital city of Daikundi province. People are living in poverty and survival mode. © Naimat Rawan
Daikundi province which located in the center of Afghanistan, or the heart of the country is one of the poorest provinces of the country. althought most of its people are jobless but every second child at the age of 6 to 15 years must work, most of them as a co-worker with farmers. Report says that only 14 percent of households have access to clean drinking water, many children are under-nourished. Most of the families have only some bread and tee at home or sometimes only a piece of potato to eat. Daikundi’s main ethnic group living there are Hazaras, in the past during Taliban regime they have been persecuted but today, they have the reputation of being more inquisitive and commited people than everyone else. The public transportation condition is very worse in Daikundi, a teacher must travel 3 hours by walk to reach the school and teach his students, pretty tough job, teachers get 80 dollars per months. Hazara women have more rights than in Pashtun or Tajik. Almost no one in Daikundi wears a burqa even the women meet once a month to discuss important matters of the village. The biggest problem in Daikundi is water. Either there is too much of it or too little. Snow watches, floods, drought — with these problems the inhabitants have to fight. Working in the province Daikundi is hard. Instead of machines there are cows, donkeys and hours of manual hand work.

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