Never ending war in Afghanistan – USA double standard policy ?

Watching the situation of Afghanistan is like watching a horrifying movie scene ! It’s completely and utterly unbelievable to imagine ! It’s like watching a great theater play with such strong visual demonstrations that’s terrifying to the eye, but also makes you wonder what if all this was in fact true ? What if this all actually happened ? And what if people actually died in such a shocking manner that left you completely speechless not knowing what reaction to show ? And what if nobody came to their rescue ? And when they did it was too late because they had already passed out from all that pain and injury ? But what’s more shocking to the mind is that there are people out there who have the heart to commit such a vicious act against humanity, against their own people ! But that it hits you and you come to the realization that this is all in fact true and happening ! You’re not sitting in some theater watching the worlds greatest artistic performance and neither are you watching a movie but this is all part of reality, the people that are yelling out to god on top of their lungs with blood spread all over their cloths and body are all real ! And the kids that our screaming and crying, running around looking for their missing parents and siblings are all in fact real ! This terrifying situation, this ongoing war is so shocking to perceive or even contemplate that you need to escape the reality for a moment and pretend that maybe after all it is a theater act, a well demonstrated movie maybe ! It’s too horrendous that you have to try to convince yourself that it’s just a dream,this dreadful situation is not happening its all an illusion created by the mind !! But in fact every bit of it is true and current and there’s nothing to be done but to observe, observe innocent people dying for no reason. It’s even more appalling to come to believe that there are such people out there who have the heart to commit such a monstrous act against humanity, against their own race, against their own blood, against their own creation and against their own land !! What has pushed humans to the point where their hearts have become so insensitive and dark ?? And what have these innocent people done to arouse their aggression and rage for destroying man kind ? For harming all these little kids and children ?? What have these poor people done to suffer the consequences of simply being human ? What is it about our pride, power and status that drives us to take one another’s lives ? Where have all these insane ideas originate from ?? Are we trying to equal our selves to god ? Why do we take pleasure in having power over innocent people’s lives ? These questions will forever remain unanswered…..

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