The National Dance of Afghanistan ATTAN

The National Dance of Afghanistan ATTAN

The national dance Attan is very important in Afghan society. 1000s of years ago, when humans lived on farms, they worked hard to meet their basic needs. They would whisper to themselves when they were unemployed or busy. The same whispers were the first step for the beats and the songs, just as when they felt happy or satisfied with their work, they clapped their hands happily, shook their heads, and thus expressed their joy. Indeed, these movements were accompanied by dances. These dances later took on different forms and types, and each region performed it according to their way of traditions.

The National Dance of Afghanistan ATTAN
The National Dance of Afghanistan ATTAN Photo By Najia Haschemi: DW

The history of Attan dates back to ancient Ariana, and the people of Ariana shared a familiar dance called Attan in their social gatherings. Attan has different types and is related to each region. There are three types of Aryan Attans in terms of gender.
1- Female Attan
2 – Men’s Attan
3 – Common Attans

During the Vida period, Attans flourished, playing the beat with the beat. Attan later came together with several other arts, such as beats, sounds, and music. Large and central squares were selected for the execution of Attan, and it was used in a circle, which is still performed today. Aryan youths greased their long hair with oil and decorated their hats with wildflowers. Groups came to Attan Square and performed the movements in a circle in rhythmic movements by playing the players’ drums. As the drum accelerated, so did the movements, and lasted as long as the players could swing, observing the drumming, sitting, and maxing while playing.

Attan Afghan dance

Athens was performed day and night in the Aryan period. When the Attan was performed by night, a fire was lit between the Attan rings, and shadows appeared around the square walls, and these shadows fascinated the people.

The Aryans sang and performed Attan during the time of rejoicing and on the battlefields so the young fighters would feel no fear. This became one of the reasons for the people of this land’s victory in the different wars. Whenever the invaders invaded their land, drums were played, and loud noises were heard. Young people came to the battlefield with swords and prepared themselves for war without any fear.


Centuries have been passed, but Attan of Ariana Arian land is still a particular part of Afghan culture. It is still prevalent among different ethnic groups in Afghanistan. Each region and people have their different beats of Attan.

Attan is an ancient Afghan dance; men usually perform it ceremonially. It was believed that Attans brought the military closer to God before reaching their goal. Attan was also performed by the greeks in Afghanistan at the time of Alexander the Great. It is also believed that Attan is a word taken from Athena, which is the capital city of Greece now.
The Mongols also perform Attan during their invasions in Afghanistan.

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